Critical Orange Punch Feminised Seeds
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Critical Orange Punch Feminised Seeds

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The outcome of crossing 3 classic strains, Critical Orange Punch from Dutch Passion is a vigorous cannabis strain that brings amazing XXL yields of orange-like tasting buds with strong, euphoric and long-lasting effects in just 7-8 weeks.


Critical Orange Punch: Requires Less Than The Regular Cares


Critical Orange Punch originates from the crossing of Kritikal Bilbo, Granddaddy Purps and Orange Bud. This cannabis strain is a high yielder of buds with potent euphoric effects and orange-like tastes.


After the initial crossing of Grandaddy Purps and Orange Bud, the yield sizes were low, so they introduced Kritikal Bilbo into the mix, enhancing capacity and producing an easy to grow and resistant cannabis strain.


She has the traits of an Indica but draws effects from her Sativa influence. The plant will grow with no problem indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses, with an average height of 1.5m. She has medium Node distances and medium-sized leaves, with a predominant central cola. These properties mean she doesn’t need much special care and grows under almost any conditions. For optimized cannabinoid production, flowering should last from 7-8weeks and, and if grown outdoors, the breeder suggests scheduling harvest by late October. Expect yields of large buds with citrus and hashish smell with the presence of skunk. Overall, Critical Orange Punch is in the High Times’ Top 10 2018 varieties because of its hardiness, productiveness and s taste and effect.


  • Lights: Led 250 W Vegetation/Led 250 W Flowering
  • Pot size: At least 12 L for high yields
  • pH: 6,2 Vegetation/ 6,7 Flowering
  • EC: 2,0
  • Climate: Hot/Mild/Cold
  • Fertilization: Average fertilization with moisture control


It Punches Your Senses With Its Incredible Orange Taste


Critical Orange Punch's citrus aroma hits you right in your senses. Expect a distinctive hashish and skunk presence in its taste. The effects are strong, euphoric and long-lasting, fitting for social events and when seeking out those private moments of joy.

Genetics (Grandaddy Purps x Orange Bud) x Critical
Type Indica / Sativa
Flowering Time 8 Weeks
Yield Very High
Height Indoors 150cm
Taste Rich, Skunky, Citrus
Smell Afghan Hash
Effect Powerful, Euphoric
Grows Indoors/Outdoors