Dutch Passion Ortega Indica Feminised Seeds
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Dutch Passion Ortega Indica Feminised Seeds

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Ortega Indica ® (indoors, greenhouse)
Medicinal Strain
We consider Ortega Indica a medicinal cannabis strain.
Ortega Indica is a hybrid of Northern Lights #1 and another strong Indica, both dating back to the late seventies.
Extremely penetrating odour/aroma: earthy, spicy and tobacco.

Our seven-person test team reported that Ortega Indica is a good strain to smoke before going to sleep, a feature present in all Indica strains, but more extreme in Ortega Indica.
It works as an effective sleeping pill and tranquilizer.

Ortega Indica is special in that it’s "stone/high" does not have a cloudy "morning after effect". In other words, the morning after smoking Ortega Indica, hardly any cannabis effects are experienced any more.
Smoke Ortega Indica and wake up with a clear mind.
This is seldom the experience after taking sleeping pills or tranquilizers.
Dutch Passion Ortega Indica plants stay small (dwarf-like) and compact and are quite homogenous.
The stoned/high is medium strong.
Most rewarding results are indoor and also greenhouses in temperate climates.
Compact buds, medium yielder.

flowering period: 8 to 10 weeks
harvest time outdoor: 3th week of October



Reputed Medical Attributes.



Psychiatric Sypmtons


5-10 Seeds per Pack